Round 2 is Complete!

On behalf of the Andromeda Project science team: THANK YOU!  We’re (already) done!

Wow.  That was unexpected!  Before we launched we had expected this second round might take us months to finish.  It just goes to show – never underestimate the power of the Zooniverse!

The second round of Andromeda Project took a little more than a week, during which we collected ~750,000 image classifications.  This brings the grand total for the project up to ~1.8 million images searched!  We had more than 5,000 volunteers hunt clusters this round.  In other words, this was a tremendous result that (again!) surpassed our expectations – very impressive!

The science team will get straight to work: over the next few weeks, we’ll combine everyone’s image classifications to create a final catalog of clusters and galaxies that you’ve help identify.  Then the real fun begins!  We will use the Andromeda Project cluster catalog to study individual, interesting star clusters, and to answer questions about the galaxy-wide cluster population.

And we want to give a special thank you to I F*&king Love Science, who helped bring many of you to us to create this unprecedented spike in image classifications:


Certainly a record number per hour for the Andromeda Project!

While this marks the end of our efforts to search the PHAT data for clusters, we are working on a few ideas for other Andromeda-related projects that we think the Zooites can help us on.  Stay tuned here on this blog!  We’ll keep everyone updated on our progress over the next few months.


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4 responses to “Round 2 is Complete!”

  1. Neil says :

    I can’t wait to see some information about how the classifications help (and if there are any unexpected results or special finds!)

  2. parnstotic says :

    Faith in the internet—-restored !

    • Paweł Jackowski says :

      That is true, but have you seen one of recent posts on This one where folks wrote about total human effort invested in all projects so far. It is really amazing, but so tiny when compared to time spent by adults in USA on watching TV every year ;( As far as I remember 200 billion hours. Imagine what we could archive as humanity, if only small fraction of that time was spend in reasonable manner.

  3. Jenrn12345 says :

    So great to have helped. My two daughters loved it, and the local high school astronomy class had a ball. Go science!

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